What Is A Mad Italian Gelato Bar?

The Mad Italian Gelato Bar is a unique existing concept, of Gelato Bars. The Gelato segment niche is growing in North America. Our menu consists of our famous Zazzu Hot Cones , classic salads, soups, exotic dessert & pastries, coffee program, teas, specialty beverages and 42 Gelato flavors from an old family recipe from Italy. Each restaurant location is open 7 days from early morning to late evenings with the Italy experience available both indoors or outside on our restaurant patios.

What Is The Cost To Purchase A Mad Italian Gelato Bar?

The total investment required will vary by location, but is estimated to be approximately $225,000- $250,000 for turnkey operation. You will need approximately $125,000 - $150,000 plus other opening costs (working capital) in unencumbered cash, with the balance financed. Other store opening costs range from $35,000 - $50,000 which include your store opening cash on hand, inventories, prepaid rent, etc.

What Do You Mean By Unencumbered Cash?

Unencumbered cash is cash on hand, in a savings account, chequing account or GIC account, otherwise known as “liquid capital”.

Does Mad Italian Gelato Bar Provide Or Assist In Financing?

We do not provide financial assistance, but have a financial institution that we may recommend that have competent leaders who are capable of meeting the financing needs of our Franchise partners.

What Are The Royalty Fees?

The royalty fees are 5% as defined in the Franchise Agreement and are paid weekly.

What Are The Advertising Fees?

The Advertising Fees are 1.5% of sales as defined in the Franchise Agreement and are paid weekly.

What Mad Italian Gelato Bar Type of Training Is Provided To A New Franchisee?

We offer three weeks of training for up to two individuals plus an opening team for 2 weeks after you open the Gelato Bar.

What Ongoing Support Is Given To A Franchisee?

The area consulting team provides ongoing support and training through restaurant visits and coaching, and ensuring that specifications and standards are in place to drive and profitable sales. They will also conduct restaurant audits and will also hear your concerns and suggestions and monitor your operations.

What Can I Expect As A Return Investment?

Franchise regulations prevent us from making income disclosures. The Gelato Bar's profitability will vary depending on management control and local market conditions, the franchisees dedication to our systems, sales mix and competition in the area, operational costs, time of year and more. We encourage prospective Franchisees to obtain independent professional legal and accounting opinions on our franchise program, and to speak to existing franchisees.

What Are The Criteria For A Mad Italian Location?

Restaurants are typically located in a market with a minimum population of 25,000 people, as well as possessing a square footage of approximately 1,500 to 1,800 square feet.

Are Franchisees Responsible For Building Their Own Gelato Bar?

No - The Mad Italian designs and builds the Gelato Bar, turning over a turnkey operation to the Franchisee.

May I Own More Than One Mad Italian Gelato Bar?

Yes, provided that you can show us that you have the necessary finances, staff and a plan to properly manage multiple units.

Who Signs The Lease?

The lease is negotiated and signed by an affiliated company of the Franchisor and is then subleased to the franchisee. A typical term for a lease is 10 years with two five year option.

Is Previous Restaurant Experience Necessary To Run A Mad Italian Gelato Bar?

Previous restaurant of cafe experience is preferred; however, we look mostly at your business experience. Prior management experience, leadership skills, strong interpersonal skills and a desire to work hard and achieve are the biggest keys to your success in our system.

I Am Interested In A Mad Italian Gelato Bar, What Do I Do Next?

Contact our Vice President of Development at 416-819-2644 or complete our online inquiry form. We evaluate all applicants to verify that their financial status fits within our parameters. Once this is complete, a meeting with our Vice President of Development is arranged to review our system, financing options, site preferences, training program requirements and answer any questions you may have.

What Happens After I Am Approved As A Mad Italian Franchisee, What Do I Do Next?

Once a candidate is approved as a Mad Italian Gelato Bar franchisee, a franchise agreement is signed and we begin to coordinate selection of a site that best suits your needs and meets our site selection criteria. Once a location is secured for you, and the store opening date is determined, we will schedule your training to coincide with the store opening.